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Experience Counts When Selecting a Plastic Surgeon


Eyelid and Facial Surgeries We Have Performed To Date (Estimated)

Is experience important? We think so, and you’ll have a hard time finding other physicians who can match the experience of Dr. James Patrinely and Dr. Charles Soparkar. When it comes to your body, would you rather have your procedure performed by someone who does two a month, or by someone who specializes in that procedure and performs 35 a month?

Surgical volume isn’t everything. We place a major emphasis on ensuring that everyone of our patients is treated individually to meet their unique needs. Two eyelids on the same person are often managed differently. The goal is a final result giving the most apparent symmetry possible.

At Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, PLLC, PA, both of our physicians have profound individual experience. In complicated situations, the partners’ combined input is sometimes invaluable. We are pleased to be able to share the breadth of our combined experience.

As one of the leading Blepharoplasty practices in the world, Dr. Patrinely and Dr. Soparkar are internationally recognized leaders in the field of facial plastic surgery. From across the globe, patients seek out their expertise. Over 70% of procedures performed are revisions of other people’s work.

In addition to their extensive hands on surgical experience, the doctors at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates have published hundreds of original articles, given hundreds of lectures around the world, described numerous syndromes and unique conditions, and developed a myriad of now commonly used surgical techniques. Patrinely and Soparkar are truly at the leading edge of their profession.

The following table represents the number of surgical procedures performed by the Physicians at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates, PLLC:

Eyelid Facial Surgeries Performed
Eyelid / Facial Surgeries # performed to date
Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty Procedures 22524
Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty Procedures 11088
Male Blepharoplasty Procedures 9183
Asian Blepharoplasty Procedures 445
Forehead / Brow Lift Procedures 450
Cheek Suspension Procedures 6970
Upper Eyelid Ptosis (Droop) Repair Procedures 16601
Eyelid Retraction Repair Procedures 10030
Entropion Repair Procedures 3440
Ectropion Repair Procedures 8270
Repair Other Surgeon's Work (Corrective) 10130
Canthoplasty Procedures 21510
Congenital Eyelid Deformity Procedures 4272
Eyelid Tumor / Trauma Procedures 6873


Tear Drain Reconstructive Surgeries
Tear Drain Reconstructive Surgeries # performed to date
Proximal (Eyelid) 7050
Distal (Tear Duct) 4431


Orbital Surgeries
Orbital Surgeries # performed to date
Large Bone Orbital Decompressions 2930
Small Bone Orbital Decompressions 3461
Orbital Reconstructions 1540
Late Orbital Fractures 385
Orbital Explorations 5100
Orbital Tumors 1320
Conjunctival Socket Reconstruction 16080
Optic Nerve Decompression 327


Facial Injection Procedures (Non-Surgical Aesthetic)
Facial Injection Procedures (Non-Surgical Aesthetic) # performed to date
Botulinum Toxin Treatments 67309
Facial Fillers 15280
Rev. 07/12/2019