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Discovery Health: Reconstructing Carolyn Thomas

Dubbed “The Woman without a Face” by the national media, Carolyn survived a near fatal shooting at point blank range in December of 2003, when her estranged boyfriend shot and killed her mother then turned his .44 magnum revolver on her. Carolyn lost 80% of her face in the tragedy and was left blind in her right eye. Carolyn’s mouth, nose and upper jaw were so damaged, she was forced to breathe through a tracheotomy tube and consume liquids from an opening in her stomach for two years after the shooting. Carolyn fought back to reclaim her life and her facial features by undergoing ten operations over a year and a half period. Carolyn also managed to gather her courage to face her abuser in court for the first time since the brutal attack, all of which is documented in this riveting and candid show.


Blepharospasm Treatment

Dr. Charles Soparkar discusses Blepharospasm, a condition that usually involves both eyes. There are two forms. In the first form, also called eyelid apraxia or apraxic blepharospasm, patients are unable to open their eyelids. The eyelids appear placid, but patients may work very hard to raise their eyebrows in order to see. The second form, essential blepharospasm, is a dramatic and frequent forced closure of the eyelids. In more advanced or severe cases, the muscles of the brow, cheek, mouth, neck, and shoulders may be involved. Blepharospasm, whether essential or apraxic, can be very troublesome and often incapacitating.

In this video, Dr. Soparkar discusses various treatment options available to patients at Plastic Eye Surgery Associates.


Dr. Soparkar Presents ZYTAZE

Dr. Charles Soparkar, an oculoplastic surgeon from the Methodist Hospital in Houston presents his findings on the effect of dietary zinc supplementation on botulinum toxin (BOTOX) treatments.

ZYTAZE, available by prescription only, provides nutritional support to enhace the effectiveness of botulinum toxin injections in the treatment of blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm or cosmetic procedures.

ZYTAZE contains a proprietary, patent-pending blend of zinc and phytase which has been added to increase bio-availability. Taken four days prior to and on the day of a planned injection (two capsules per day), ZYTAZE may increase both the effect of treatments and the duration of botulinum toxin.

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Lower Eyelid Spacer

James Patrinely, M.D. F.A.C.S. and Charles Soparkar, M.D., Ph.D., depict the surgical technique for the MEDPOR Lower Eyelid Spacer. Because success with the Lower Eyelid Spacer is highly technique dependent, the video further addresses implant mechanics and the management of the most common complications seen within their practice since its first use in 1998. » High Bandwidth | Low Bandwidth


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